YRDP Laws of the Game Assessment - ANSWERS

Last updated on 23 May 2014

Further to the Laws of the Game Assessment recently uploaded for your own personal development and knowledge, please find below the answers allowing you to self-assess.

I hope you have enjoyed your first piece of distance learning and it has allowed you to challenge yourself, as well as highlighting the importance of a total knowledge of the Laws of the Game.




1) The ball is in play outside the penalty area when a player recklessly trips an opponent.  After stopping play what action would you take?


A) Caution the player and restart with a Direct Free-Kick to the offended team



2) Which of the following offences would you issue a caution for as listed under Law 12?



A) Dissent by word or action



3) A player takes a Corner-Kick and scores directly in to his opponent’s goal.  How would you restart the game?



A) Kick-off



4) A neutral Assistant Referee informs you that he has witnessed a defending player strike an attacker in a violent manner inside his own penalty area.  The Ball was out of play when the defender committed the offence.  What action would you take?



B) Send off the offending player for Violent Conduct



5) You award a drop ball, which is uncontested by the defending side. The attacker intends to play the ball back to the defending goalkeeper, but “over hits” it. The ball goes directly into the defending side’s goal. What action do you take?



C) Award a goal kick to the defending side.




6) You have just blown the whistle to signal the taking of a corner kick and the kicker is about to kick the ball. There has been jostling in the penalty area and you see the defending no. 5 deliberately elbow the attacking no. 9, striking him in the chest and winding him. The attacker dramatically falls to the ground.



Which of the following is the correct course of action?



C) Blow the whistle immediately to prevent play restarting. Send off the defender for violent conduct



7) If, when a free kick is taken by the defending team from within its own penalty area, the ball is not kicked directly out of the penalty area, you should:




B) Have the free kick retaken



8) At half time, the Home Team changes their goalkeeper with a substitute, but forget to tell the Referee. The second half commences and after about ten minutes, you realised what has happened. At what point do you deal with the situation?



D) At the next break in play





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